• You are a blind mouse who is being experimented on and must find your way through these twelve mazes.
  • To make your way through these mazes you can use W to move forward, S to move backwards, and A and D to move side to side. Hold the button down to move in that direction.
  • Since you're blind you'll have to use your sense of touch to make your way through the mazes. When you are touching a wall, the screen will turn white.
  • To go back to the Main Menu, press the ESC key.
  • It is recommended you try playing while drawing on paper what you think the mazes looks like from above.
  • If you come to several dead ends, you should try holding two keys at once to move in one direction while attempting to turn down the next available corridor.
  • If you would like to see the key to a maze, click the 'Maze Keys' button on the Main Menu and click the maze you would like to see the path for.

Good luck finding your cheese!


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I did a maze game too, and I like your touching mechanic a lot more than my passive patterns. It rewards the player for doing things a lot more eloquently.